A comic takes a job as a stripper to support her dream. She finds in her new coworkers a comically dysfunctional makeshift family; lovable lost souls whose stories and experiences imbue her stand-up with renewed vitality.

Comic Strips will be the first episodic television series to chronicle the untold stories of the New York City strip club scene. Our goal is to create truly unique storytelling through visual and emotional experiences that will inspire viewers to relate to people they previously assumed unrelatable.  The series aesthetic aims to be evocative of both the stripper and stand up comic experiences: sexy, sad, powerful and vulnerable all at once.

The underground New York comedy scene provides our main character, Jordan Anderson with a cathartic reality check amidst her increasingly surreal lifestyle. Each time we witness Jordan step up to the mic, we have the chance to tune into the frequency of her inner psyche. Jordan keeps her stripping lifestyle a secret from her comedic peers outside the club, affording us an opportunity for tension and competition among characters that help drive our story. 

The approach to the show will be rigorously honest in terms of dialogue, as it’s based on first-hand experiences. Our imagery will portray the female body with the same approach by highlighting curves, stretch marks, freckles, blemishes and everything else found in nature. Comic Strips is about being true to your desires, brave in the face of judgment and unscathed by the harshness of the world.

Words by Angelica Pasquini