Based on a true story, Comic Strips tells the story of Jordan Anderson, a stand up comedian turned rookie stripper. As she struggles to keep her new gig a secret, she is surprised to find herself as a part of a comically dysfunctional make-shift family who imbue her stand up with renewed vitality throughout the course of the series.


The series aims to highlight the parallels between the experiences of the stripper and the stand-up comic, emphasizing the competing forces of power and vulnerability that exist within both fields.


The underground New York comedy scene provides our main character, Jordan Anderson, with a cathartic reality check amidst her increasingly surreal lifestyle. Each time we witness Jordan step up to the mic, we have the chance to tune into the frequency of her inner psyche. Jordan keeps her stripping lifestyle a secret from her comedian peers, affording us an opportunity for tension and competition among characters that help drive our story. 


Blush Gentlemen's Club is home to our lovable misfit family, dancers who wax poetic, a cocktail waitress with culinary dreams, a DJ with addiction issues, a sweet money lending manager, and lost souls disguised as lap dance regulars... just to name a few.

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Comic Strips is about being true to your desires, brave in the face of judgment and unscathed by the harshness of the world.